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North East Goldfish News

If there’s one page you visit regularly, make sure it’s this one!
We’ll be adding news items, hints, advice and links for successful goldfish keeping.

Our beautiful header images

You’ll have noticed our lovely header images on the new website.

These are actually taken from old collectable cigarette cards, some of them are nearly a century old.

These have a beautiful nostalgic quality, and the kind of thing you just don’t see in 2015!
The kind of nostalgia that may have inspired us to keep goldfish in the first place!

Goldfish in Italy

italy-bookNorth East Goldfish member David Boothman was pleased to help out a fellow goldfish enthusiast over in Italy recently.
Vincenzo Ferraro has written a book on the Goldfish, and contacted us via the NEGS website to see if we could help with some specific photos of some breeds.
David was able to supply some of the images needed and the book was published in Italy earlier this year.

Welcome to our new look NEGS website

Negs RanchuWe’re planning on adding extra pages with help and advice, as we go along so stay tuned in and visit regularly!

We’re also looking for members to send items in for publication on the site and in our newsletter – so get busy people, it’s group effort!

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